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Green Pages will share successes of the party and information to make the party stronger. Secondarily, Green Pages will provide a credible information vehicle for communication and alliance building with media, academics and social movements.

2 Responses to “Who”

  1. Kayla Cielo Says:

    I need to speak to other GP’s in regards to some serious issues in Indian River and environment. This concerns us all. I am in the Union of Concerned Scientists, a US Composting Council Member, and am a Professional Forestry and Wildlife Conservationist with time sensative information regarding the New Planet Energy Biofuel Pilot Cellulose Plant to be put in Vero Beach, Florida. Please heed my warnings. Burning tires. 90% of ALL GARBAGE TO BE BURNED HERE IN THIS ESTUARY WHERE ENDANGERED SPECIES CALL HOME!!!

  2. Kayla Cielo Says:

    Sadly enough, I haven’t had any response in re to this from any GP members, so I took matters into my own hands and have involved Neil Seldman of the Institute of Local and Self Reliance out of Washington DC. He flew here to Vero Beach in re: to the waste to ethanol plant and met with IRCounty to discuss better options that are more safe for the environment. He and the experts there at ISLR agree that this is ludacris. (my own words)
    The pilot project to be done here by Ineos Bio has never been done, and projects trucking garbage from surrounding counties and in stage 3 from the entire state of Florida ;to this estuary to be gasifermenticated (incinerated) and turned into ethanol, including tires and sewage waste. There will be a toxic hazardous ash created in this process , that is unknown what it will consist of and how they will dispose of. I was told on consented recording the plan was to land apply the ash to the existing landfill, which I contested.
    I wrote to Bill Posey, I contacted to USCC, ISLR, and Tallahasee. I also spoke my concerns to GP organization leaders here in Florida that were more concerned with the issues of their local nuclear and clean power issues to take on my concern.

    I recieved a written generated response from Bill Posey and Congress stating about how they resect the environment and that is why he supports NASA. Totally unrelated to my concern.

    When private companies funded out of Europe and based out of California under a different shadow name come the whole way to Florida to do a large scale guinea pig test that they are not ALLOWED TO DO IN THEIR STATE DUE TO ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES. TAKE HEED. There is a reason. I wish others in this party would please take this seriously and support one another when they can clearly see that this person is a loner on this cause, even to direct that person to leaders that will listen.

    If this party is to make it anywhere in the future we need to listen to one another even if it is not our town. The ethanol plant they are planning on making will be the first of many incinerators ,did I mention they include tires, if we don’t stick together on this.

    The newspaper has misreported the facts. I sat with the reporter for 2 hours with cold hard facts supporting my claims,he had acted as if he would rereport but then there was no reprint and no change in the material in a future report. The lies just keep being printed and I will not give up, I just wish at least ONE of you would act like a Green and actually care. But you will be the first ones with picket signs when and if they come to your town. There you have it.


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