Fall 2008


“Bonusgate” exposed
Dona Spring, 1953–2008
Peter Miguel Camejo 1939–2008
National convention chooses presidential slate and gains national media coverage
Green Party goes to court to protect voting rights
Instant Runoff Voting advances in Colorado
A dedicated Green dies
Peace activist arrested at senate hearing


2008 Green campaigns
2008 Senatorial Candidates
Senate Campaign priorities
Five Mystery Candidates in Florida
Excerpts from Cynthia McKinney’s acceptance speech
Rosa Clemente, voice for youth and truth
Platform of the Power to the People Campaign


Announcing Global Green Chronological History Project
Green women make history as leaders around the world
Envoys study youth and violence prevention in Israel


Exploding the Myth of the ‘Two-Party System’
Thinking Out Loud


January 20, 2001 – a poem
Getting the word out


State / Committee Reports


Coloradoans honored for Green values
Film inspires reviewer to rap
I’m Votin’ Green

Spring 2008

Live Green, Vote Green!
Looking at the Party from the beginning
U.S. Green history weekend
Growing Campus Greens
‘Free Mumia’ rallies have strong Green presence
Young Greens organize new caucus
Want to run for office?


Wisconsin continues winning tradition
Ranked choice voting approved by Santa Fe voters
National and states prioritize ballot access
Ballot Access Requirements
How I won the Mayor’s office
Peace slate offers Oregonians a chance
The national ballot access effort needs your help!


Ingrid Betancourt Dedication
Global Greens meet in São Paulo U.S. Greens participate


2008 Spring State Reports


“Change” In 2008?
Time for Bolder Leadership
Ten Key Values – Non-violence


Living the Green way
Eating locally, thinking globally

One Response to “Table of Contents”

  1. Xavaria Says:

    I wish plastic coffee stirrers could be banned. I know that sounds crazy and insignificant in the over all scheme of things but what’s wrong with the old wooden ones? They work better, in my humble opinion, and they can be made with left over wood that’s been grown and harvested for manufacturing. They won’t still be around in landfills 500 years from now either. They degrade and I digress – my bad!

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