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  1. Elaine Medina Says:

    I would like the Green Party to look into the matter of whether Barack Obama is a stalking horse for the nuclear industry.

    So heavily subsidized by Federal tax dollars it is the most expensive form of energy & all the nuclear waste disposal methods/dumps are ineffictive not working posing extreme danger to the environment/humans.

    After Obama said at the Nevada debate that he was for building more nuclear plants & Clinton said that Excelon Corp. was on of his largest donors – I found the following information:

    Does Nevada Want More Nuclear Power Plants/Waste Dumps?

    Then – Vote for Barack Obama.

    Nevada debate this week: Obama: yes, I am in favor of building MORE nuclear
    power plants.

    And Obama’s sixth largest contributor is Exelon, the proud Chicago-based owner and operator of more nuclear power plants than any entity on earth (Center for Responsive Politics 2007a).

    Clinton: I have an energy plan & nuclear isn’t in it.
    The nuclear industry is reputed to be waiting in the wings with their plans to build 29 new nuclear power plants.

    Obama’s “clean” Money:

    “Portraying himself as a new-style politician determined to reform the capitol, Mr. Obama makes his policy clear in fund-raising invitations, stating that he takes no donations from ‘federal lobbyists.’ … The Illinois Democrat’s policy of shunning money from lobbyists registered to do business on Capitol Hill does not extend to lawyers whose partners lobby there. Nor does the ban apply to corporations that have major lobby operations in Washington. And the prohibition does not extend to lobbyists who ply their trade in state capitals including
    Springfield, Ill., Tallahassee, Fla., and Sacramento, Calif., although some deal with national clients and issues,” Morain wrote.[6]

    “Obama accepts money from lobbyists’ spouses and other family members, their partners at the law firms where they work if the partners aren’t registered to lobby, senior executives at companies that hire lobbyists, and state-level lobbyists. Among his top fundraisers are at least a few who were registered lobbyists as recently as last year. The campaign says it is making a ‘best effort’ to stay away from tainted money,” according to following the April 2007 South Carolina Democratic primary debate.[7]

    Stephen Weissman of the nonpartisan think tank Campaign Finance Institute said Obama “gets an asterisk that says he is trying to be different … But overall, the same wealthy interests are funding his campaign as are funding other candidates, whether or not they are lobbyists,”

    Lobbyist Bundlers

    The following, according to Public Citizen/WhiteHouseForSale, have been
    identified by the Obama campaign as bundlers who are also lobbyists who contributed to Obama for America.

    Frank M. Clark[13] is chairman and chief executive officer of Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), a unit of Chicago-based Exelon Corporation. As an Obama bundler, Clark raised $200,000+.

    “The Illinois-based company (Excelon) also helped Obama”s 2004 senatorial campaign. As Ken Silverstein reported in the November 2006 issue of Harper”s, ‘[Exelon] is Obama”s fourth largest patron, having donated a total of $74,350 to his campaigns.

    ***During debate on the 2005 energy bill, Obama helped to vote down an amendment that would have killed vast loan guarantees for power-plant operators to develop new energy projects the public will not only pay millions of dollars in loan costs but will risk losing billions of dollars if the companies default.'” ***

    Allan J. Katz[ chairman of the Policy Practice Group at Akerman Senterfitt in Tallahassee, Florida. As an Obama bundler, Katz raised $200,000+

    Thomas J. Perrilli, partner in the Washington, D.C., office of Jenner and Block, a Chicago general practice law firm, which includes among its clients the National Cable and Telecommunications Association and Time Warner Inc. As an Obama bundler, Perrelli raised $200,000+.

    Alan D. Solomont of Solomont Bailis Ventures[29] in Massachusetts represents Health Services/HMOs. As an Obama bundler, Solomont raised $200,000+.

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