By David Cyr, state committee member of the Green Party of New York State

In “The Change You Deserve” Republicans have selected a slyly subliminal slogan for 2008. Only the too few who’ve long been clear-eyed and paying attention will realize that whether a smirking Republican’s or a smiley Democrat’s face is put upon it, the next corporate state administration will have, as all those before it, inherently sociopathic corporations determine all the what, when, where and how of the “change”… and who will “deserve” it.

The regressive Republican wing of the Corporate Party was of course responding to the disingenuous Democrat wing of the corporate Party’s “Change We Can Believe In” slogan; which, given their “electable” candidates, is a “change” that only the most gullible, or those willfully wishing to be deceived could ever possibly “believe in” either.

And so, as the Corporate Party’s longest-ever primary campaign coasts towards its finish, a truly dark comedy is presented, in which Republicans are rhetorically positioning themselves to be perceived as being like Democrats, while Democrats are now what Republicans were.

As proof for the old maxim, that the more things “change” the more they stay the same, with Obamamania on the rise, the Clinton campaign laid bare the basest racist Klan roots of the Democratic Party. The Clintons themselves quite consciously and deliberately sought the white supremacist vote with verbal associations like that of: “hard working” workers being “white” workers; the [White] Women’s Voices, Women Vote organization’s robocall and mailing efforts to suppress black voter turnout; and the timely, convenient-for-Clinton distribution of various “Obama Monkey ’08” campaign paraphernalia.

There’s been a liberal guilt vote surge in the other wing of that wing, being the “Democratic” wing of the Democratic wing of the Republican-Democratic Corporate Party. It demonstrates a dedication to the liberals’ duplicitous form of racism by voting another kind of ABB this timefor a black eager to disassociate himself with his own blackness. For liberals desperate to prove that they are not the racist Democrats, Obama—who’s clearly more comfortable as the only dark-skinned one there, lying among lying light-skinned Senators, than he ever was sitting in a pew of a black church with a pastor who speaks too truthfully—is a perfect liberal racist ABB choice for 2008: an Acceptable Black Boy.

The primary focus of the Democrats’ primary having been upon choosing a candidate based solely upon skin color is most ironically appropriate, since the alleged progressiveness of either Clinton or Obama is, in the very best light possible, only skin deep.

It won’t matter at all whether the Green Party’s candidate for president is old or young; male, female or transgendered; black, white or any other skin color. No matter who the Green Party’s candidate will be, he or she will be someone who has been, and will continue to be, an honest advocate for  substantive changes benefitting actual people more than corporations and ensuring human survival (a degree of change neither the Republican nor the Democrat candidate will support). This is change that we and all the rest of the world don’t merely wish to see—it is The Real Change We All Really Need.