David Strand of the Minnesota Greens and Lavendar Greens has sent this out to the Green Party NC:

It is critical for us here in Minnesota that we re-elect our well  respected city council member Cam Gordon who represents the 2nd Ward in  Minneapolis He can recieve a max of $100.00 contributions towards his  campaign in 2008 and a max of $300.00 in all of 2009 so early money is very  very helpful. Any amount you could contribute before the new year I am sure would be most welcome!


We do not know for sure who his opponent will be but it looks like a strong  bid is going to come from a graduate student from the University of  Minnesota within the ward who is an architecht, was a delegate to the
Democratic National Convention and happens to be openly gay. I am aware  that this opponent is drawing lots of support from gay community members  from outside the district who see it as an opportunity to elect another
openly gay person to the city council(there are currently 3 out of 13 city  council members who are openly gay in Minneapolis). So, there may be  funding available to this challenger that might not be available to other
challengers. Regardles of who the challenger is Cam Gordon’s campaign will need to have ample funding and campaign support. He was elected with just over 100 votes. He has been a fantastic city council member and I think he will have the full support of long term members of the district who are not Democratic Party activists of which there are many in the district. More money and volunteers and creativity are needed for this race because the district has alot of students encompassing the university who need to be reintroduced and re-engaged in local politics every year.

David Strand
Lavender Greens Delegate
Politics Chair of MN Greens