The Power to the People campaign of Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente not only supports the Green Party platform, it also places particular emphasis on the draft manifesto for a Reconstruction Party, which emphasizes how governmental policies have been affecting African-Americans in particular. Cynthia McKinney contributed to the manifesto and it is the platform of her campaign.  Length prevents reprinting the entire manifesto here.  Please see

What We Want; What We Believe; What We Need. Now!
1. We Want Freedom Now!
2. We Want Full Employment Now!
3. We Want Reparations Now!
4. We Want Resources for Human Needs Now!
5. We Want to Stop the War at Home Now!
6. We Want an End to the War on Drugs Now!
7. We Want to End Prisons for Profit Now!
8. We Want an Environmental Protection Policy that Works Now!
9. We Want an End to Militarism Now!
10. We Want Peace Now!

It is clear from the statistics that all working families without regard to race or ethnicity are hurting. But families of color are hurting the most. Let us not fail to speak out in our own name and to organize around these fundamental programmatic planks so that we can forge and win solutions to the problems facing our communities, our country, and our world.