Want to find out when and where the first Green Parties in the world were founded? Or who were the first Greens to run and be elected on municipal and national levels? What were the themes of major Green national and international meetings in the last 30+ years, and who were the most influential Green figures on every continent?

The answers to those and many more questions will be found on the Global Green Chronological History project now being developed on the Global Greens website. Through a multi-media approach featuring text, audio, video, photos, graphics, and with links to key source documents and interviews, the chronological history will feature entries on:

party foundings
national & international meetings
elected officials
key figures
major party news

As a project of the Global Green Coordination, contributions are coming in from around the world. Coordinated by Global Greens webmaster Mike Feinstein, it will be a long-term effort with input from Green Party representatives from almost 90 countries around the planet.